Motives® Euphoria Eyeshadow Palette
The Motives Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette is blissfully filled with eight, soft and alluring shades that blend together naturally for effortless looks.

Motives® Euphoria Blush Palette
Vibrant and subdued colors combine beautifully in this six well Motives Euphoria Blush Palette to give you endless options for the cheekiest of cheeks this spring.

Motives® High Gloss
Take a swipe at high shine appeal with the Motives High Gloss Collection. With unbeatable staying power, these liquid glosses will give you gorgeous pigment and luster while igniting your senses with invigorating scents like grapefruit, rose and ginger-lime.

Motives® Euphoria Cream Lipstick
Get euphoric with this limited-edition cream lipstick showcased in a special paper lipstick case which is not only super flirty, but also more environmentally conscious as it uses significantly less plastic than traditional packaging.